All Realtors are licensed: are they all good?

Real estate licensing differs in the 50 states in the United States. In Ohio, a licensed Realtor has completed 120 hours of education and passed an exam on State and Federal laws. Our profession requires honesty held in place by written rules and continuing education on servicing the public with the highest standards of ethics. However, as in any profession there are good, better, and best. What should you be looking for? You should look for a Realtor in the same way you would look for someone with whom to invest your money: Are they honest? On time and reliable? Listen closely to your needs and directives? Care for your money with the same attention they would for their own? After all, you ARE trusting a professional to guide you in the investment of a lot of money. Granted, most of the time much of the money is given to you by a bank, but the bank is going to want that money paid back and you are going to want to have made a profit in the transaction. You should feel like the Realtor is your advocate and trusted guide in the process.

What are some warning signs: Do you feel rushed or pressured? Do you feel like the Realtor isn’t available or isn’t available to YOU? Are you seeing homes which fit the parameters you have set or do you feel like you are being steered in a direction the Realtor feels is best for you? Are your questions answered clearly and in a timely manner? Do you feel a part of the process or do you feel pulled along by the decisions of others? If you feel any of these — you need to have an honest conversation with your Realtor and get back on track or find a Realtor that better fits your needs. The Kathy Chiero Group of EXP Realty Greater Cleveland is a team of great Realtors ready to go to work for you. Find us a